Does your business’s lawn need fertilization?

Short Answer – YES!

Your lawn’s soil supplies most of the nutrients that grass needs to grow, but not all-year round. Fertilizing your lawn provides it the nutrients that help combat high heat, cold, foot traffic, drought, pests, animal wastes, mowing, etc. It promotes new leaf and root growth that will help you get luscious green lawns and grass.

While just one application can help maintain your business’s lawn, a quarterly application of nutrients will help keep your grass vibrant and strong; it will make customers take notice of your curb appeal.

That said, each property is different. Several factors should be taken into account when considering fertilizer applications, such as the type of grass (cool season or warm season),shade around the area, size of property, amount of foot traffic, watering frequency, time of the year, among other factors. Make sure your landscaper performs frequent maintenance visits to check if the right amount of fertilizer is being applied to your lawn.