Fall Cleanup

Fall season is upon us! While it brings pretty colors, all those fallen leaves can make a complete mess out of sidewalks, lawns, and landscapes. Your commercial property will need cleanup and maintenance to prepare for winter.  

Dead leaves, branches, acorns and more can cover up your property’s lawn quicker than you think and the perception that fallen leaves can just compost naturally is only true when the amount is minimal. When the lawn becomes buried and invisible, leaves can smother and kill grass before it turns into any type of fertilizer. Raking the leaves or using leaf blowers are popular options to perform this job.  

If you have mulch around garden beds on your property, now is the perfect time to give it a refresh. Harsh summer months can reduce the color and richness of the wood chips. Instead of replacing it entirely, just turn over the current layer.  

Don’t forget to aerate your turf! Make sure your landscaper removes all the dead grass, stem and roots from your lawn. Not only can they make your commercial property look messy, but it’s also the perfect nesting place for rodents and insects to infest your lawn.  

Last thing is to make sure your landscaper prunes plants, shrubs, and trees to prep them for dormant season. It is important to do this so that the plants don’t deplete needed energy to recover until it “wakes” back up in spring.