Greener Grass in the New Year!

 In Commercial Landscaping Maintenance

lawn fertilizer

If you’re looking to enhance the curb appeal of your business or commercial property enhancing your lawn areas health is a good way to start. A well-fed lawn helps combat the stresses of high heat, cold, foot traffic, drought, pests, animal wastes, mowing, etc. Ultimately, can help boost you curb appeal, and your customers first impression.

While just one yearly application can help maintain your business’ lawn area, a quarterly application of nutrients will help keep your grass vibrant and strong; it will make customers take notice. Lawns begin to wake up during the late/early spring months (Feb-April) and they wake up starving. Feeding during these months is very crucial, as it jumpstarts your lawn to a good start, and preps it for the growing season.

That being said, no two properties are the same, several factors should be taken into account when considering fertilizer applications, such as the type of grass (cool season or warm season), shade around the area, size of property, amount of foot traffic, watering frequency, time of the year, among other factors.

In 2016, give your business’s curb appeal a boost!

To learn more about how to enhance your lawn areas vibrancy, health and appeal, contact your landscaping provider.

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