How to prepare your landscape for Summer

Welcome to June! It’s time to get ready for summer and make sure your business’s lawn doesn’t go from green to brown.  

Here are 4 watering tips/insights to make sure your business’ landscape stays green –  

  • Check your irrigation systems – Plants and lawns need more water during the summer months. As the weather changes, so should the irrigation systems.  
  • Sprinkler system – If your business uses a sprinkler system, make sure all your domains are working correctly; check the system weekly for broken or misaligned heads.  
  • Common Mistakes – make sure you don’t overwater. It can be proven to be bad for your business’ lawn. However, in peak summer months, plants might need more water. Make sure that your landscaper is regularly doing quality control visits to make sure that happens.  
  • Don’t forget about flowerpots in your store front! They need water too! 

Sprinkler systems should run between 15-25 minutes daily.