Irrigation System…Activate

 In Commercial Landscaping Maintenance


sprinkeler head for commercial landscaping

Looks like this year is shaping up to be a scorcher! We’ve already seen record-breaking heat in the past month. Now is the time to get your irrigation systems activated, so vegetation at your commercial property thrives during the spring and summer.

When the time comes to activate the irrigation system at your site, we recommend hiring a professional.

A few points listed below:

  • Activating the irrigation system requires turning the double check valve on, believe it or not, many property managers oftentimes don’t even know where it’s located!
  • Irrigation timers also have to be set correctly—you don’t want your sprinklers going off in the middle of the day, spraying your customers
  • Irrigation head set up – you don’t want your sprinkler heads pointing in the wrong direction! An irrigation professional will go through all irrigation heads to make sure they’re watering the right areas
  • Troubleshooting – If the system needs repairs such as broken lines, sprinkler head replacements, sealing leaks, etc. a professional will make you aware and can provide estimates to make any needed repairs.

Having your properties irrigation system activated by a professional can ensure that the system is ready for the hot summer.

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