Know Your Property Lines

 In Commercial Landscaping Maintenance

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What areas are you responsible to maintain? Are the sidewalks or parking strips included in the scope or is it the city’s responsibility?

These are very common questions that arise when starting landscaping maintenance service at a commercial site. This should be clear from day one in order to avoid confusion, and ensure that your property is looking good.

Our philosophy is pretty simple: if it looks like it’s your property then it is your property (when it comes to maintaining it).

Think from a potential client’s point of view–if they are driving by your business and look at a section of landscaping that may or may not be yours, but you don’t maintain it because you think it’s the city’s or neighbor’s property, it’s in your best interest to make it look good.

Don’t expect your landscaper to automatically know what is or isn’t a part of your property. When beginning service, make sure you there’s a clear understanding of what they’re responsible to maintain. The simplest solution is drawing the borders on a map of the site, and do walkthroughs with your landscaping maintenance crew to make sure you are on the same page.

While this detail might seem trivial, it can definitely cause headaches for both parties if there’s not a clear understanding.

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