Loitering and Your Landscaping Service Provider

 In Commercial Landscaping Maintenance

landscape trash

Recently, we’ve noticed a trend from our commercial clients experiencing loitering on their property.

Below are some tips to help deter loitering at a property:

  • Lock trash containers on the property when they are not being filled
  • Eliminate potential hiding areas.
  • Tree canopies should be maintained at least 8 feet above the ground.
  • Bushes should be trimmed to less than 2-3 feet except where privacy or environmental noise mitigation is a primary concern
  • If shrub/flower bed areas are a concern, consider removing the vegetation, and installing cobble rock
  • Lock water spigots
  • Make sure lighting is adequate around the property

While the growing homeless/loitering epidemic is a public issue, we believe that property owners can leverage their landscaping service provider to help deter people from loitering on their sites.

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