Our History

Greenpoint Landscape Management was founded in Edmonds, Washington in 1999 by Veteran landscaping experts Peter Roberts and James Jakobsen.

Early on, Peter and James established the foundation for their company, leading by example. Long days, hard work, persistence and most importantly, empathy for their clients has become the mantra for this workhorse landscaping company that has earned its stripes in the national space as a serious and up and coming contender.

One common thread leadership has also engrained in all team members is realizing “you never get a second chance at first impressions”. Additionally, as experienced business owners and business people, everyone at Greenpoint Landscape Management knows that Brand equity is important for every company. Logos, taglines and market share are paramount; however, your building, store, restaurant and property are further extensions of your brand reputation.

A strong program in place to manage commercial landscaping, guided by experienced veterans will have a monumental impact on the way you attract customers. That first impression is a great way to not only increase your brand equity, but also to communicate to your customers about who you are and how much you care. Once again, empathy for your prospects and clients is key, always.

Greenpoint Landscape Management offers one reliable company to handle your landscaping management needs. We specialize in maintaining multiple locations in different states and on average, our clients partner with us to manage anywhere from 25 to 500 locations.

When you become a monthly service customer, a dedicated account representative will handle your questions and concerns personally every time you call or email and any time we do work for you. You’ll also have the opportunity to grade our crew’s performance and let us know how we can do better for you.