Spring Cleanup Time

 In Commercial Landscaping Maintenance

A gardener cuts the topiary box wood hedge into neatly trimmed cones.

Spring officially starts this Sunday! Many commercial property/business owners look forward to a spring cleanup.

Below are items to look for during a spring cleanup at your commercial property:

  • Removal of all dead leaves/debris/trash/weeds – leaves left on lawns or bed areas for an extended period of time can promote rot and moss growth.
  • Pre-Emergent Application – Pre-Emergent won’t kill weeds; however, they will prevent from growing, and keep bed areas looking clean. This is especially helpful if your property does not have recurring landscaping maintenance.
  • Apply layer of mulch – So the beds are clean, but look a bit bare? Consider applying a layer of bark/mulch to give the site a refined and polished aesthetic.
  • Seasonal Color Change – Installing seasonal flowers add color and a “pop” to any site. We recommend installing flowers near the entrance of a building, so anyone entering the building can see.
  • Pruning/Trimming – Trim any overgrown and low hanging branches, and shape shrubbery.

Spring cleanups are a great way to spring a commercial/business’ landscaping area back to top shape and enhance its curb appeal for prospective customers or tenants.

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