Winter Curb Appeal

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Frozen Lawnmower

Winter officially begins this week and the holidays are in full swing. While things do slow down a bit in the landscaping world during this season, there’s always work to do at a commercial property.

Keep these items in mind during the winter to help maintain or enhance your commercial site’s curb appeal:

• Fert Applications – Apply fertilizer rich in potassium and phosphorus to give grass areas a strong foundation for the growing season
• Pruning and Tree Removals – Pruning should be performed on any overgrown branches higher than 13 feet (if weather permits), as they may fall during snow or a storm; diseased or dead trees should be removed as well
• Color Changeout– Seasonal foliage adds color to a property’s curb appeal, and is a great welcoming touch for customers as they approach a business (especially during dark and grey winter days)
• Bark or Mulch – Winter is a good time to install bark, as it attributes to the overall health of the soil, minimizes growth of weeds, and gives a site a refined touch year round, along with color (depending on type of bark or mulch)

some ideas? Reach out to your landscaping service provider if they have not provided you with any enhancement suggestions for your property.

Happy Holidays!

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