Year-Round Landscaping

Commercial landscaping changes through the seasons to keep a property’s landscape healthy and beautiful. We’ve created a list of things your landscape management company should be doing throughout the seasons:


As the temperatures start to go down, it’s imperative to prep your lawn for the harsh cold weather –  

  • Check on plants to assess problems during growing season.  
  • Shut down and winterize irrigation systems.  
  • Aerate and fertilize lawns.  
  • Prune plants and shrubs.  
  • Detail perennials by removing dead material and trimming back.  


As freezing temperatures set in, irrigation systems should be winterized, pruning should be done, and lawn care should be complete –  

  • Ensure fall maintenance is complete.  
  • Provide winter watering for trees, if needed.  
  • Snow removal and deicing, if needed.  
  • Continue leaf and debris cleanup.


The beginning of spring is a crucial time for your property’s landscape. It’s time to prep for growing season –  

  • Thoroughly clean all the dead branches, leaves and debris from the lawn.  
  • Check and turn on your irrigation systems.
  • Remove weeds from garden beds.
  • Aerate and fertilize lawns.  
  • Replace plants damaged in winter.  
  • Remove snow and de-ice, as needed.  


With growing season fully in bloom, its crucial to schedule regular maintenance visits to keep your landscaping looking great –  

  • Maintain, check and adjust irrigation systems.  
  • Prune overgrown plants and shrubs.  
  • Plan for tree trimming.  
  • Spray and remove weeds, as needed.  
  • Mow and edge lawns.  

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